Customary Service Model

Customary Service Model

We take a business approach to our customers’ custom pack budget. We work through the necessary steps to expose every penny of cost associated so that your hospital can make an informed decision. We don’t buy any components, we don’t sell any packs. We instead focus on the sale of valued services. We bill ONLY for the services of: Packaging & Sterilization. We are putting you in control, with transparency and quality at every level.

We have a different approach to “Traditional” CPT’s. We do not drive any revenue from the products that go into the packs. All other companies have hidden costs, and have been known to use the components as a margin enhancement tool. We are proud to have an auditable, transparent model with consistent quality, to take the volatality out of the CPT market.We transfer ownership of the program to the people that rely on it the most – the clinicians.

For Novation Hospitals & Free-Standing Hospital Procurement, our CPT solution, compared to other existing CPT providers, offers a service model that allows you to drive contract compliance accross sterile and non-sterile products and eliminates “gaming” through a clear cost-based formula that delivers enduring savings.

All packs are made in the USA and production can be localized to employ local people in your state.

We can help you reach your annual savings target through a business model that sets you up to achieve annual savings year-after-year through component contract negotiations.